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Poker Counting – Different Methods

Poker Counting – Different Methods

Counting is not a difficult concept, but most people don’t look at it as just counting. Rather, they want to improve their hand and at the same time count cards to improve their hand. Some people also think that doing card counting is uninteresting and not important. It is not so! It is actually very difficult and complicated, and many casinos will actually ban people from playing, if they are suspected of card counting.

First of all, basic card counting methods, such as basic plus-minus counting, are very complicated and are not suitable for the average person. In addition, although card counting itself is very interesting, it’s even more complicated when you are playing against skilled and experienced card counters. Card counting is, essentially, counting cards minus the tens and aces in a deck. It’s as simple as that. Some people will insist that counting cards is uninteresting and not important, and they are absolutely right. It is perfectly legal, and as a matter of fact, a required skill in certain poker games, but it is extremely complicated. Mastering the card counting system takes a lot of time and patience.

On the other hand, when dealing with the blackjack card counting system, many people will agree that card counting is very simple. Why? Because it is easy, and it is an easier system to learn. All you have to do is learn the numbers, place bets, etc. The drawback of the basic blackjack card counting system is that because it is based on a number of decks, you will have a lot of losing streaks, as well as a lot of winning streaks. This is the nature of probability. Some people may disagree and say that the losing streaks and the winning streaks are not usually the same in blackjack. That is actually not true. For instance, you will see that in blackjack, you will more often see the dealer bust (go over 21) than you will see other players go over 21. Because it is possible for the dealer to win several times in a row, it is actually a very profitable strategy for many players, especially in games that have a larger number of decks.

Why do people historically go over 21? For the simple reason that they are more likely to get a blackjack. A number or a pair of 10s or face cards (real or online) have the value of 10, and any other card is worth its face value. Because of this simplicity of the game, it is actually a very profitable game for players who play it well. However, the inherent simplicity of the game makes it a much easier game for malicious players to manipulate, much like roulette. Online casino security, like Western European security, is relatively better than American casino security, however. And, Western European security can sometimes be assumed, especially when dealing with large European casinos with multiple languages on their site. Online casinos are allowed to do what they want regarding security, but there are certain things you are definitely NOT allowed to do in online Vegas88:

  1. Steal money from the casino.
  2. Use a credit card to fund your account.
  3. Passports or fake identification.
  4. Fraudulent books.
  5. Game fixing.
  6. Withdrawing out your winnings.
  7. Make multiple accounts with multiple online casinos.
  8. Take money out of your bank account or credit card account names other than the ones listed above.

Some might think that online casinos with no physical access to the actual game would be safer, however true though that in the event of a crime, the casino would not be far behind. So, in the event you were tempted to steal, there areassociations that can help you link the dots and help you catch the perps.