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Learn to Play Poker

Learn to Play Poker

Poker is a game of skill. There is a lot of strategy involved in this game. Once you learn the ropes and start experience how people play, you’ll understand that most players will follow the same pattern as you. Most players are tight to tight. They eithererve tight or tight pre-flop, but when they loose, they loose, stay loose, or get impatient. A lot of players will call on the big blind, unless they have a good hand. If you’re playing tight, in most cases you won’t be winning enough hands to make a good living. Most players play tight because it isn’t going to win them anywhere but the short stacks.

The strategy mega88 players use, is called a skill. This is something you should learn, because most games in poker involve at least one of your skill. Just calling, checking, folding, or shoving without any real idea of what you are doing is going to end up losing you money. When you learn to play poker, you should learn to allocate your bankroll. Allocating your money is probably the most important skill you can learn. Don’t play at the high limits until you learn how to properly allocate your money. Don’t worry about learning how to play. It’s really simple. It’s just a matter of identifying what to do when you are dealt a pair of 2’s in the hole. Are you dealt two 8’s? Should you raise? Are you pot committed? Do you want your opponent to have two pair or a better hand? It’s a decision that can be pretty tough to make; especially if you aren’tSure I have AK, AQ, JJ, TT. JJ is the favorite here, but you can definitely take the risk with the favorite.

Are you pot committed? Are you chasing a draw? ( ie: You have 22 and the flop is 44, and you have an ace, there’s four clubs, and you bet and lose)

Do you want your opponent to have two pair or a better hand?

Is your hand vulnerable?

What are your chances of winning the pot?

You might bet or call with the first hand, in case you have the best hand (the nuts). For example: You have 83 and the flop is Q 10 3. You bet and your opponent bets. Do you call or fold? You are drawing dead. Your odds of winning are about 8%. If you are playing against the best hand, you can call or maybe even go all in.

In case you don’t have the best hand, you should either fold or proceed cautiously. You can’t bluff if the only thing you have to beat is a high card, so if the pot is small you shall call. Let’s say there is $10,000 in the pot. If you have the best hand, you can afford to call or possibly go all in, because you are the only one in the pot. The odds are about 5%. It’s a good call, because your opponent may fold or your hand may be the best. If you are called, the $10,000 goes into the prize pool. What a great opportunity to steal a pot!