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How to Stop Online Poker Tilt

How to Stop Online Poker Tilt

Museummusikindonesia – Everybody seems to complain about bad beats all the time. You’re sitting there scratching your head wondering “Why is this poker bot making bad Beginner poker hands!” Well I have the answer, and it will make your pokerumpire a lot more enjoyable.

It happened to me just the other night. I was deep stacked in a $2-$4 game at the Full Tilt Poker satellite table. There were about 35 hands going into the game. I was at about 10th place with about 130,000 chips. For some reason the lowest chip stack always seems to want to play short stacked. Although not the greatest strategy, I guess you can live off of others. And I did.

When I was first down to about 15,000 chips, I started playing more wildly as I was getting rather bored. I notice about half the table is playing as if they are in mid-tournament. They were all deep stacked. Obviously, I wasn’t having that great of a time and I wasn’t doing terrible. But it looked funny to see the others play so tight. When I started to get those hands, I knew something was up.

They were raising like they were in the blinds. They both had about the same hand except for a different position. Then I saw for about 20,000 chips the first one. He was pulling a dangerous Ace-King. Of course, I didn’t know that at the time. Then about 7500 chips later, the second bad beat happened. Then about 15,000 chips, I got another nice one. Then about 3500 chips, I got a third. Then about 10,000 chips. he had AK-J unsuited.

At this point, there are about 30,000 in the pot. He has about 16,000. He calls about 7,500.eled out. Of course there are about 18,000 left. I instantly called, figuring I had the best hand. It wasn’t any use after the flop, when there were no Ace high cards. He had a decent hand, but not an amazing one. Not like AT, nothing, nothing.

The flop was all kinds of agree and then it happened, now there was a small raise and a call from me. Then a 3 comes on the Turn. Just as I am thinking I probably Lord (dominobet) some hope, he showed Q9 off suit. That should have been interesting. Then a P occurs on the River.

900 chips in the pot, the original pot was 16,000. Everyone calls this knock down. I could’ve been experiencing what I hope happened at the beginning. Except that the knock down really hurts me. There is no way I can get that many chips in the pot when I have a (fair) sized stack. Especially when there are still about 15,000 still in the pot.

Unless I win, or there is a very good overlay in the pockets, I am probably going to lose my chips to the blinds or to the other players. Unless I win a very large pot, I will most likely lose all my chips to the blinds. Anyone with a little faith in their bluff can take a free card when the flop looks dry. Especially on the button. Even with a trash flop, unless I hit my ace or my 2 pair, I will most likely lose my chips to the blinds. Then on the river, because I hit my trips, I will most likely lose my chips to the other players. Unless I hit a good amount of chips, or pick up a very big hand, I will most likely lose my chips to the blinds.

Unless I win a coin flip or a coin flip + ace, I will most likely lose my chips to the blinds on the flop. And even if I do win, I will only have about half the pot. And I really do not want to have to do that many times before I really have to fold.

Is there any way you can avoid this? Sometimes I can imagine having the best hand on any given hand. But not today, not today. I am not going to force it. I am not going to bully it today. Because today I am not going to be in the hand to see the flop if I can help it. And besides, who would really want to waste their chips preflop, anyway.

Easy solution: fold. Don’t fight a losing battle against the blinds. Let them eat each other up. Let blinds eat each other alive.

Shorthanded Poker

Being a short stack in an online situation is a lot like being a small stack in a brick and mortar situation. Except you can move blinds at a much faster clip.