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10 Tips to Improve Your Hold’em Game

10 Tips to Improve Your Hold’em Game

I’ve been playing Texas Hold’em for years and I’ve compiled a list of ten things I thinks most amateur poker players need to work on. Some or all of these things could really help you improve you game.

Favorite Hands: This is such a bad habit to get into. You should really only be playing the big hands pre-flop. Your pocket pairs should be used for a raise in position with a small raise. You can call with small pairs for a small raise. If you pair your kicker you should push all-in with most hands. These hands pairs make you the most money.

Good Starting Hands: This includes the first five premium hands. You should raise three of a kind or higher pre-flop and three to a straight or flush draw. Always raise with high cards, four aces are the best. Do not play your low cards unless no one has raised before you. The worst thing you can do is fold these cards on the flop when a jack or lower comes out.

Counting Cards: Do not bother counting cards if you are not able to catch a cheap flop. Also, if you must count cards, only do so while sitting on a paid table. Catching a cheap flop with these cards is very hard, so it is not worth chancing the cost.

Playing the Players: Before joining a table do so with the table maximum or minimum players. Once you have a feel for the players, when you see someone play all tight, or only play the best hands, you are chancing a lot of money. Additionally, if you are not paying attention to a player’s game, you are paying attention to yours. Pay attention to your opponents, watch out for the bad beats, and exploit them the moment they give you a hand.

Showing Your Cards: Never show your cards without some sort of reward for it. Players will get a feeling on you and know when you have something good. It is better to show some than to never show. However, there is a downside to showing your cards. If a player is paying attention to you, they may try to steal you out. If they are doing this, they will probably be trying to tie you up with a hand. And, that would be a bad thing if they could do that.

Ball receipt: Many tables have rules against placing more than one card on the table. The exact rule as to how many cards you can place on the table is based on the number of players. Make sure you gamble responsibly. Of course, this is available for single-table and multi-table games, but take caution to make sure the casino is not looking at you as well.

Cell phone: Heads up play requires a great amount of skill and a lot of patience. Be sure to avoid the distractions. The caller is a distraction, the walkie, the other people at the table, and the hands in the middle of the table. Those are all dead ends to making money by sitting at one table.

Alcohol: There’s nothing good that can come of drinking while playing 7meter. Not only does it take your concentration, but it also makes you a little tipsy. Please, play with a clear head.

There are many other tips to help you improve your game. These are just a few of the basics. Shorthanded games can be very tough, so it’s important to stay focused.